Thursday, August 23, 2007

Same location... different sky...

Rustic Paia Real Estate

A former General Store of some sort (note the vintage Coca Cola sign), this buiding is now a laundromat. I was struck by the rust like colors of the roof and dirt... the image doesn't really convey what it actually looked like, but it's close enough.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I've been on island for more than a month. Time has flown by, but the charm has not worn off (not that I expected it to).

Thought I would share tonight's sunset since I haven't posted for a while. This beach is a few minutes from where I live in North Kihei (which is on the southern side of the island). Just your average, early evening scene on Maui. No quarrels with that.

Will see if I can dig up the NYC equivalent ... I spent many evenings after work, watching the sun set over the Hudson River from a waterfront bar at 105th Street and Riverside Drive, down in Riverside Park. Sure, a whole 4 lane highway separates you from the water there, but it's a nice spot nevertheless. I recall my thoughts travelling to far western destinations (Hawaii???) as I sat there - usually with a cold beer and a book.

Some time later and thousands of miles West, I am starting to adjust well to the island cycle of rising early, with the sun and hitting the sack just as early. Definitely a more natural rhythm than the city's nocturnal tendencies/ seductions.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

On the water at last!

Three weeks on the island and not one day logged on the water. Today was the day - could not let another one pass without getting out there. What did I move here for anyway? Not to sit on the sidelines.

The guys at Neil Pryde let me demo some gear (JP Free Wave 109; Alpha 5.4 - for those who care about the technical details) and SB and I went to the spot near Camp One.

For my first day, things felt dialed in fairy quickly and I found the zone in no time at all. Jibes were non existent, but hey... it's the first day.

Conditions were not over-powering; just right for me - 5.4 sail kept me nicely powered.

More to come...

It feels good when you earn your food.

Tasting Menu

Some images from a tasty meal at a premier Maui sushi restaurant.